Our Aim

SAT’s main focus is encouraging current and potential Christian leaders into the serious study of Islam and Christian-Muslim interaction. These will be people engaging with Muslims, reflecting on Christian responses and involved in leading others in doing the same.

However, the aim is to serve both Muslim and Christian communities, including
• Muslims living in non-Muslim environments
• Christians or other non-Muslims living in Muslim environments
• Professionals needing to understand Muslim-Christian relations
• Researchers with an interest in Islam and Christianity
• Those wishing to understand our complex world

It is self-evident that, in today’s world, there is a desperate need for understanding by Muslims and Christians of the other’s faith. As we are all too painfully aware, political, religious, social and cultural conflicts are rife – often because of profound misunderstanding of Christianity and Islam and blurring of distinctions between faith and ethnic/national identity. The students who will be guided and inspired through the work of the Trust are future leaders in their own countries, whether in commerce, education or government